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Making games is difficult for any developer in any circumstance. Making games with a limited amount of resources can easily up the difficulty level from HARD to NIGHTMARE. While, like most gamers, we appreciate a good challenge, we at Out of Sight Games also won’t turn down the good will of others, especially our fans. Occasionally, we all need a little help.

If you believe in our vision and the games we make and want to be a part of that vision, you can donate directly to Out of Sight Games using the PayPal button above. We assure you that every cent that is freely given will be put to good use and also that every cent truly does make a difference.

We sincerely thank you just for visiting this page and considering a donation.

If you feel the call to support Out of Sight Games but don’t feel comfortable with a financial donation, feel free anytime to Tweet us or send us an email at with fan art, videos of your dog, amazing covers of A Hero’s Call soundtrack, or any other way that you feel compelled to show your support.